Statement of the Executive Director

CREDI as an organization has a vision of its future and knows what actions are to be undertaken to make it. To achieve success, it has to match actions with available means. This should mark a continuous decision making process where all structures of CREDI are supposed to participate.

Since the beginning of this activity, the leaders of the organization have adopted a strategic behavior of striving to overcome daily management problems in order to adopt a global thinking both in short and long term.

CREDI pays a particular attention on the youth since they are the future generation

- The experience of the past served as a precious lesson for representatives and direct partners of the organization. It will also serve as a roadmap for the organization to improve its service.

- A particular emphasis shall be placed on advocacy in an attempt to attract more actors who will contribute to this endeavor and increase ownership of the community.

- External and internal supports are highly needed in a bid to attain the mission of the organization. The performance of the management system, the socioeconomic, legal and political environment, the involvement of local and international support organizations will underlie a successful implementation of this plan.

- In return, the organization will ensure regular Monitoring and evaluation of all its interventions thanks to its data base management system that will be set up and utilized as profitably as possible.

- The activities included in this plan will be fulfilled in collaboration with other institutions involved in each specific area.