Strategic Objectives

a) Support community development by sustainable environmental protection through community engagement;
b) To promote modern environmentally friendly agriculture and animal resources by mobilizing people in that sector to join cooperatives in order to be given technical assistance, collaborate with financial institutions and linking them to markets for better productivity ;
c) To take part in promoting quality environmentally friendly education, training and capacity building for organizations, supporting vocational training and functional adult literacy programs with an intention of developing skills focusing upon vulnerable groups for social transformation and sustainable development;
b) In collaboration with others in the field, to fight against epidemics like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria etc and health promotion;
c) To participate in emergency preparedness programs (mitigation) in both reactive operations (relief), and supporting the affected people in livelihoods restoration and social wellbeing;
d) To promote gender and family promotion and to fight against gender based violence;
e) Maintain sustainable partnership with donor organizations and other organizations with objectives similar to those of CREDI.
f) Carry out any other activity that would support in the achievement of the goals and mission of the organization.