Rationale of the Organization

- The tragic of the 1994 genocide that our country went through left various vulnerable groups including survivors who are still suffering from wounds and scars of this tragedy
- These groups include; orphans, Head of Households, widows, street Children, prostitutes, etc.

- Due to this kind of situation most these destitute are victims of violation of their rights. They do not have access to education, health care or finance institutions.

- They are unable to keep up the pace with the rest of the society on a fast socioeconomic development move.

- Touched by the fate of the afore mentioned groups, TWAHIRWA Stephen took a lead in sensitizing, turning and teaching prostitutes in Nyarugenge, Kicukiro and Gasabo Districts, Kigali City which made them turn away from this nasty business that put their lives at stake and opt for a new way of living by starting up income generating activities as an alternative money earning means. Many of them started changing their behavior, a big number of prostitutes, tired of the harsh situation they lived in turned up seeking a better solution to their problems. The place was not enough to accommodate such a big number. Seeing the positive change of those prostitutes, other vulnerable groups were interested and began to attend government services and added to the existing number of prostitutes. They were estimated at twelve thousand, many of them being children.

- That is why CREDI was created in an attempt to build up a strong structure that would enable members to effectively and efficiently assist these vulnerable groups.

- The organization found it vital to extend its activities to other various vulnerability aspects, including juvenile delinquency, sex trafficking, Gender based violence activities and many other forms of vulnerability relating to human rights violation.


- Protection and Promotion of children’s Rights

Orphans adopted by poor households, child-headed households and children out of school benefit from our interventions. We provide assistance in terms of advocacy to various government institutions, social affairs departments at decentralized level through humanitarian actions undertaken by our members. In addition, we provide legal aid to fight injustice committed against the orphan and other children deprived of their rights to succession or injured in any other way. The above mentioned children are in a situation of vulnerability because they were deprived of their rights to succession. We found it better to help them secure access to their property instead of continuing providing for them.

- Socio-Economic Assistance

Our approach has been essentially to organize them in cooperatives and promote among them the spirit of mutuality. The purpose of this approach is to eventually mobilize support for their productive activities and empower them since some of our beneficiaries have reached the age of maturity (21 years old) and are allowed to participate in income generating activities.

- Education

This program is intended for children who have abandoned school to engage in acts of prostitution and delinquency as well as other children from various vulnerable groups such as orphans. Our assistance in this area consists of providing educational materials, fees while conducting visits to schools in a way to follow up their education.

- Health

Among beneficiaries, some have been infected by HIV/AIDS and need assistance in terms of counseling and food supplement. The organization is committed to sensitize and mobilize them in cooperatives

- Unity and Reconciliation

Following the tragic past that our country experienced, our organization found it crucial to include the activities of unity and reconciliation in a bid to participate in the rehabilitation of the social fabric that has been torn during the 1994 genocide. These activities consist of:

- Regroup beneficiaries from different ethnic origin in cooperatives in order to enable interaction and implementation of income-generating activities, thus reducing the climate of division and hatred.

- Create team games to enable children to develop a spirit of brotherhood

- Create drama groups to convey messages of peace and reconciliation that will remain etched in their minds, etc.

- Environmental Protection

- Progressive terracing and protecting Nyabarongo River through planting of trees and radical terracing in Rulindo district in Cyinzuzi sector